Incredible Diaper Cake Ideas for Boys

Published: 02nd November 2009
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Finding pink diaper cakes is easy; finding incredible diaper cakes for boys used to be a challenge but not anymore. Diaper cake manufacturers and makers of baby items have put out some colorful and fun products for our little guys.

A diaper cake is made of disposable diapers shaped into layers like a professional birthday cake. It may be embellished with braid, trim and bows to look like the fondant flowers applied to real cakes. Tucked in between the diapers or under the trim may be travel size bottles of baby bath or lotion.

Designer diaper cakes are trimmed with high quality ribbon and large, beautiful bows. They may include silk flowers attached around the tiers of the diaper cake, making fancy baby shower centerpieces or decorations.

Some diaper cakes come loaded with more than just these simple flourishes. They may include whole sets of baby outfits or bath goods like hooded towels and footy pajamas. You can even find diaper cakes with a collection of themed baby toys, like the popular Winnie the Pooh diaper cakes covered in stuffed animals, rattles, and feeding utensils that showcase the lovable bear.

The most incredible diaper cakes for boys include:

Race cars, race car bibs, and squeaking race car teethers

Sports diaper cakes with a baseball or football theme

Jungle themes with lions, tigers, bears, monkeys and giraffes

Green turtle diaper cakes with green turtle bath toys and soft, stuffed turtles safe for babies to play with

Cowboy sets with bandanas, bibs, and baby overalls

You can make or buy diaper cakes and dress them up as little or as much as you like. Making a diaper cake is not difficult, even for those with little craft skills. Follow some online video diaper cake instructions and find great diaper cake photos online to give your creativity a boost. You might be surprised to find the project quite enjoyable.

Don't settle for an all blue diaper cake if you prefer other colors. Lightning McQueen is a popular toy and baby theme and there is no reason you could not do a diaper cake in all red, white, black and yellow to match the speedy little race car. Find a cute toy or baby blanket and take your inspiration from those colors to create your own diaper cake design.

Buying a diaper cake can cost anywhere from $50-200 depending on your chosen design. They are usually made with brand name products and the more expensive the diaper cake, the more items it usually contains for baby.

Making a diaper cake can cost between $30-100 and is also dependent on how you choose to decorate the cake. If you need a number of diaper cakes in order to use them as centerpieces for tables at a boy baby shower, one idea is to make several small diaper cakes and use lots of blue and green ribbon and small, rubber ducks as diaper cake toppers. They will look great on your table and your guests will think you spent days making them when, in fact, they won't take you much time at all.

While there are those that would prefer to not know a baby's gender before it is born, there is no doubting the benefit of being able to customize baby shower gifts and decorations. No need for gender-neutral ideas. Instead, you get to find just the diaper cake ideas that are perfect for little boys.

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