How to Make Balloon Centerpieces - Make Your Own Balloon Decorations

Published: 01st October 2009
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There are many ways a balloon artist could teach you how to make balloon centerpieces. This is because there are endless centerpiece designs that can be made - which is good news for you! As a result, you can create almost any type of balloon centerpiece for your wedding or party. All you need are a few good techniques and ideas and then let your imagination run wild.

First, consider the atmosphere of your event. If it's a wedding, you probably want something elegant, beautiful, and almost serious in nature. You want something sophisticated enough to represent the Four Seasons hotel and not something that says Motel 6. However, if you're throwing a birthday party, serious might be reserved for parties for really serious people but, for the most part, you want color and fun and bright, shiny balloon decorations.

Next, determine the size of your centerpiece. Do you want something big, tall and eye-catching? These types of centerpieces work well for buffet tables but make sure you don't use any items that might fall into food - glitter ribbon, for example, might be a bad idea.

You can also use tall balloon centerpieces in the middle of the tables at which your guests will eat. Make these types of centerpieces bulky at the bottom, narrow in the line of site of folks sitting at the table and then bulky again at the top. Think of a tree with flowers at the bottom, a trunk (the part of the centerpiece your guests can see around) and all the leaves on the top.

Another option for eating areas is to make short centerpieces that your guests can easily see over and can pass food and plates over without getting tangled in your centerpiece. The trick is to think ahead and pretend you're already at the event.

Assuming you've determined whether or not your balloon centerpiece needs to be one of stately elegance or one of wild fun and you've determined it's overall shape - tall or short - it's time to design the centerpiece itself.

Coming up with balloon decorations is much like arranging flowers. Notice how a bouquet of flowers often has an assortment of flowers, colors and textures? Baby's breath fills in the gaps between flowers and adds a touch of nature's lace. Ribbons are wrapped around flower stems to make them stand tall, and sometimes little ornamental birds, teddy bears or hearts are thrown in, as well. Mirror that concept for balloon centerpieces.

For tall centerpieces, use a clear dowel centered and firmly attached to a square block of wood (your base). Wrap the wood in matching fabric or foil wrapping paper. Inflate four balloons 12" balloons, tying off the balloons together in pairs. This means you'd inflate first one balloon, hold it pinched in your fingers, blow up the second balloon and then tie those two balloons together at the neck. Do the same with the next two balloons. Now, twist these two pairs of balloons together at the neck and lay them flat. You'll have four balloons that are joined together. Attach this set of four balloons at the base of your column by wrapping any two of the balloons around the column and then twisting one balloon over the other to secure it to the base. You can twist again with another of the two balloons just to be safe.

Take four 5" balloons in coordinating color and do the same, attaching them to the base as the second layer. Tie a nice bow around the column just above the 5" balloons.

Repeat the process at the top of the column and top the centerpiece off with a coordinating Mylar balloon. Mylar balloons come in great shapes and themes so you'll easily be able to find one that's perfect for your event.

For short centerpieces, find a container that will be your base. You could use a short, wide basket or a small, silver pail. Put florist's foam into the base of your container. Tie small balloons to balloon sticks and insert the end of the stick in the foam to make an arrangement. Wrap the balloons in ribbons or bows or insert other unique accessories using the balloon sticks to arrange these in the centerpiece.

You'll learn best how to make a balloon centerpiece through practice. Make your first one and then another and another and soon you'll find new, creative ways to make each centerpiece uniquely different and a beautiful piece of art for weddings and birthday parties.

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